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Image 1 of 6 :- Professionally made to enhance your tonearm Image 2 of 6 :- High quality, solid metal Cardas phono/RCA plugs Image 3 of 6 :- Twisted and tinned for easy attachement of your chosen draw wire Image 4 of 6 :- Hand machined, aluminium tonearm base slug Image 5 of 6 :- Wires glued in with hot melt glue for a secure fitting Image 6 of 6 :- Cardas cartridge clips, Cardas solder and heatshrink
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The Better Audio Company,

Rega RB series (for straight Rega tonearms only),

FULL Rewire Kit, 1.18M

This has been designed with the enthusiast in mind,
and consists of the complete rewire cable with custom made aluminium base plug, Cardas wire from phono plugs to cartridge clips, and separate earth cable.

The kit has some unique features, for instance, The plug also has a dedicated earthing pin to which is attached the flexible, heavy duty  earthing cable, with wide area earthing spade attached. This is also where the internal earth will be connected to when fitted to the tonearm, giving the user complete control of how the tonearm is earthed to their hi-fi system. The screen of the Cardas 4x24a.w.g. cable is earthed to the right channel ground (at the phono plug end only), thus giving a "pseudo balanced" configuration, which in turn lowers the noise floor, for "blacker blacks" in the quieter passages of any music.

The actual base plug is made at The Better Audio Company to very high tolerances and the aluminium is hand finished to give for that attention to detail that only a quality product has.

The kit is made using the excellent Cardas 4x33a.w.g. internal tonearm wire , and Cardas 4x24a.w.g. 4-core screened cable (for the external section) , and the phono / RCA plugs are High Quality, solid metal Cardas GRCM with gold plated contacts. Although not shown in the images, these plugs are fitted with an acetal finishing ring for the exit hole on the plug that gives it a professional finish.

All soldering is performed with Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder to a very high, professional standard.

The kit comes with 4 x Cardas PCCE-G Gold Plated Cartridge Clips, plus 4 x heatshrink sleeves and a quantity of Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder (enough to complete the rewire).

This cable offers a significant improvement on the standard cable that comes with the Rega RB series (straight|) tonearms.

Rega RB series (straight) Tonearm FULL Rewire Kit
(Cardas Wire)