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Rega RB250, Cardas One-Piece Rewire + Counterweight / Stub Upgrade
Image 1 of 12 ;  REGA RB250 With One-Piece Cardas Rewire Image 2 of 12 ; Rega RB250 looking head on Image 3 of 12 ; Rega RB250 from the left Image 4 of 12 ; Rega RB250 bearings and Counterweight close up Image 5 of 12 ; Rega RB250 close up from the right Image 6 of 12 ; Rega RB250 is neatly rewired Image 7 of 12 ; Rega RB250 again from the left Image 8 of 12 ; Professional Quality wiring Image 9 of 12 ; Cardas GRLM Phono Plugs Image 10 of 12 ; Professional and Flexible Image 11 of 12 ; Quality, Aluminium Base Plug Image 12 of 12 ; Cardas PCCEG Gold plated cartridge clips.
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Rega R250 Upgraded Tonearm

This has been extensively upgraded to give you the highest sound quality, and to this end these upgrades have been added:-

Total rewire from cartridge tags to phono plugs using genuine Cardas 4x33  a.w.g tonearm cable.

Cardas PC-CE G gold cartridge clips.

Cardas GRLM phono plugs ( specially designed for this application ).

Bespoke tonearm base plug made here at The Better Audio Company, which includes internal earthing screw, and tonearm cable clamp.

Earth wire using extra flexible O.F.C. Cable, terminated with a wide area  spade connector.

The screen of the tonearm is connected to the right signal ground at the phono plug end only, and the tonearm earth is connected to the base plug screw with a small solder tag, which is also connected to the external earthing cable. This gives the earthing arrangement a "pseudo balanced" configuration, giving great flexibility on how you want to earth you tonearm / turntable.

The base plug has a unique (designed by The Better Audio Company), cable clamp which holds the wire firmly yet doesn't squeeze the cable too much, which would alter it's capacitance. I do not know of any other base plug has this arrangement.

The phono plugs have adhesive backed heatshrink over them to give them robustness considering the small cables involved, and have an adhesive backed separator at the place where the right and left are split from the main cable.

All soldering is done using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder, which is of the highest quality.

The Stainless Steel counterweight has been given a facelift, by removing the plastic grub screw and spring, just leaving the internal plastic pip, and replacing them with a long grub screw. Then, an end stub has been made to fit the counterweight, again out of stainless steel, now making the system very rigid, and the internal plastic pip making sure that the end stub does not get marked by the grub screw.

These modifications have taken this tonearm into a new level of audio excellence, and you will be amazed about what these modifications have achieved.

You will not be disappointed with the sound quality on offer from this tonearm.