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Image 1 of 9 ;  R200 Classic Japanese style and build Image 2 of 9 ; R200 from head on Image 3 of 9 ;  R200 Bearing close up right side Image 4 of 9 ; R200 Bearing close up left side Image 5 of 9 ;  Cardas MDIN fitted Image 6 of 9 ;  MDIN side view Image 7 of 9 ;  Headshell in super condition Image 8 of 9 ;  Headshell view #2 Image 9 of 9 ; Headshell from above
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Rega R200, Discovery Rewired + Cardas Mdin Socket

Rega R200 Tonearm

This has been extensively upgraded to give you the highest sound quality, and to this end these upgrades have been added:-

Total rewire from headshell socket to base socket using genuine

DISCOVERY tonearm cable.

Cardas MDIN tonearm plug.

All soldering is done using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder, which is of the highest quality.

The Bias belt on these often perish over time, and a replacement of the same spec (length) is not available, but we have sourced a replacement that is just slightly longer than the original, so this has now fitted to tonearm. This is possible because an internal tensioner (seen externally by the addition of a small grub screw near the bias dial) is fitted. This gives the bias it's full range of adjustment once again.

The base socket now allows you to choose your preferred external tonearm cable, or you can experiment with cables until you find the one you like the best.

These tonearms are much revered as having a very "musical" sound quality, warmer and more toe-tapping than some tonearms. I completely agree and these tonearms offer a satisfying musical experience, even over extended listening periods.

These modifications have taken this tonearm into a new level of audio excellence, and you will be amazed about what these modifications have achieved.

You will not be disappointed with the sound quality on offer from this tonearm.