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The Better Audio Company,

"Posiloc" Counterweight system for Rega Tonearms.

Here, at the Better Audio Company, we have developed a unique counterweight system, that we believe is the most advanced available for the Rega tonearm, regardless of cost.

When we set about designing this system, our design criteria was to make a system that actually does what it is meant to, i.e. make your sound improve for the "better".

We believe we have achieved this with our unique system.

What makes our system unique is two-fold.

Firstly, we have incorporated "controlled decoupling", i.e. the counterweight is not fixed in a hard, rigid fashion, but with the slightest degree of decoupling. This is achieved using a PTFE sleeve in the counterweight which, after experimentation, is the correct thickness to give the required decoupling that is suitable for a wide range of cartridges, both MM and MC.

Secondly, in order to have a controllable decoupling, the stub needs to be as rigid as possible so that this decoupling is repeatable. We have achieved this with a unique way of securing the stub to the tonearm. This is done with a collet system that works in reverse to the way you would normally expect a collet to work, i.e. when the stub is screwed into the tonearm, the stainless steel screw is nipped up, then about 1/16th of a turn is all that is needed to lock this stub so securely that it cannot be removed without first loosening the screw. Note that the screw was not "torqued up", as is required by a lot of stub designs, but is just turned 1/16th. This is to pull the collet outward to expand the thread of the srtub so tightly that the stub and tonearm are as though they have been welded together. No damage can result in fitting the stub because of this unique design feature.
Removing it however, is as simple as loosening the screw slightly, then pushing it until you feel a light click, then the stub can be removed easily.

The materials used in making this system are as follows :-

Counterweight stub = Titanium.

Stub screw = Stainless steel.

Counterweight = Phosphor bronze.

Counterweight decoupling sleeve = P.T.F.E.

The titanium was chosen for it's stiffness and relative lightness (even though it is a very difficult material to machine).

The phosphor bronze was chosen on sound quality grounds, but does look superb !!

The end result of all this, is an improvement in sound that belies it's modest cost. The most striking change is in the solidity and precision of bass notes, along with a more precise placement of individual instruments across the soundstage. Treble is much more controlled with less distortion, and the whole sound is so much easier to discern.

It fits all standard Rega straight tonearms that use the pressure cast tube, such as the RB250, 202, 251, 300, 303, 700,1000  (i.e. it is not suitable for the s-shaped R200 tonearm).     

This is one of the most cost effective sound improvements you can make to your Rega Tonearm.

BAC "Posiloc" Counterwight System for Rega Tonearms