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Rega RB250, Polished Armtube, Internal Rewire and "Posiloc" Counterweight System.
Image 1 of 14 ; Polished Rega RB250 with "PosiLoc" Counterweight Image 2 of 14 ; Bearings and PosiLoc Counterwieght close up Image 3 of 14 ; Gleaming from head on Image 4 of 14 ; Glistening from  the left side Image 5 of 14 ; Reflections from the rear Image 6 of 14 ; Reflections from everywhere !! Image 7 of 14 ; Looks classy in low lighting Image 8 of 14 ; Classic shape enhanced to perfection. Image 9 of 14 ; More reflections from any angle Image 10 of 14 ; "Posiloc" Counterweight and Stub System Image 11 of 14 ; Extra long base tube fitted as standard Image 12 of 14 ; View from the end of the MDIN and tube slot Image 13 of 14 ; Cardas Clips firmly attached Image 14 of 14 ; Polished Headshell; A classic style

Polished Aluminium Rega R250 Tonearm

This has been extensively upgraded to give you the highest sound quality, and to this end these upgrades have been added:-

Total rewire from cartridge tags to phono plugs using genuine Discovery tonearm cable.

Cardas PCCE-G gold cartridge clips.

Cardas MDIN tonearm plug.

Extra long, BAC manufactured Acetal base tube which locates the tonearm plug for better robustness incorporating an internal locating groove for your chosen plug.

Earthing now taken to the central pin of the base socket as is standard for this type of plug, enabling you to choose whatever tonearm cable you would like to use with this tonearm. It also allow you to easily experiment with different cables to see which you like the best on your system.

All soldering is done using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder, which is of the highest quality.

The tonearm has had the paint removed and been polished by hand, taking many hours to achieve the finish you see in the images (please click on the image to see a gallery of many images of the tonearm, to see how absolutely super it looks !!).

The counterweight is a whole new system designed here, at The Better Audio Company, and we believe it is the most rigid and advanced system available regardless of cost.

The system consists of a Titanium end stub with an internal stainless steel screw running through it to an end locking component. When this screw is turned until it stops and then turned approximately 1/8th of a turn, the stub becomes so rigidly "locked" that it cannot be removed. This locking system is called "Posiloc".

The counterweight is made from Phosphor Bronze as we believe it to be more inert than Stainless or Mild Steel, therefore the least resonant. It also incorporates our "positive decoupling" i.e. It is not completely rigid, as it has a PTFE insert between the stub and counterweight. You might ask why you would make an end stub that is so rigid, then have a semi-rigid coupling of the counterweight ? Well the answer is that there is no point in having any sort of "controlled" decoupling, if the stub is not utterly rigid as the decoupling is not predictable. With our system, lack of rigidity in the end stub is taken out of the equation and we think our "controlled" decoupling works exceptionally well.

These modifications have taken this tonearm into a new level of audio excellence, and you will be amazed about what these modifications have achieved.

The sound quality of this tonearm is stunning, and will lift your analogue system into a new realm of audio excellence.

You will not be disappointed with the sound quality on offer from this tonearm.

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