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Image 1 of 2 ; Cardas 4x33awg Shielded Tonearm Wire Image 2 of 2 ; Genuine Cardas Shielded Wire
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Cardas 4x 33awg with shield one piece tonearm cable

(per foot / 305mm)

This wire enables you to internally and externally re-wire your Rega tonearm (suits Rega RB 250 / 300 / 251 + The Nad series i.e.  the Nad 533 and the Goldring GR series turntables i.e. the GR 1.2 / 2.0 .etc)

It is also suitable for most 9" or indeed 12" tonearms should they need a re-wire.

With this cable, it is possible to re-wire your tonearm from cartridge clip to phono plug without any solder joints in between.

This is also very flexible, so ideally suited to arms being used on suspended sub-chassis turntables like the Linn Sondek, Thorens, Systemdek .etc .

The four conductor sets are wrapped in PTFE tape (the white part under the braid in the picture), to virtually eliminate mechanical cable noise (that noise that you hear in your headphones / speakers when you physically move cable), and also provides an excellent barrier to the shield/screen. The outer jacket is robust enough to be used by itself, without any extra protection.

This wire is super-pure Cardas Litz copper (i.e. each strand in the cable is varnished), and excellent, Cardas quality, as always.

The above price is for 1 foot (305mm) of cable; To buy more in one length simply choose your quantity in the checkout (for instance, if you want 3 feet of cable choose "3" as your quantity).

This will compliment your tonearm perfectly and will offer a great improvement in sound quality over the stock wire, which will enable your tonearm to show you what it can really do ! !.

Cardas 4x33awg Shielded Tonearm Wire 305mm (1foot)