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BAC Ultra Pure High-Pressure Turntable Bearing Oil
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The Better Audio Company Ultra Pure, Turntable Bearing Oil kit.

This kit has been put together by us to improve and maintain, in particular the turntable Main bearing.

This is a simple, but very effective bearing upgrade oil. It is a high pressure formula, Ideally suited to turntable bearings, and will improve the sound of the turntable, as it will improve speed stability, and lower the noise floor.

This is not a fancy item, that appears to be unique, but an item that actually does what it is purchased for.

The kit contains :-

A 10ml bottle of ultra pure, turntable bearing oil.

4 x cotton buds.

2 x sterile alcohol tissues.

1 x plain paper tissue.

Full instructions on how to use the kit.

BAC Ultra Pure Bearing Oil