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Image 1 of 3 ; Stylus Cleaner and Posable Stylus Brush Image 2 of 3 ; The Brush makes it easy to apply the fluid Image 3 of 3 ; Full Instructions included
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The Better Audio Company

Ultra Pure Stylus Cleaning Fluid (5ml)
Poseable Stylus Brush 

This is pure Isopropyl Alcohol (not diluted with distilled water as can be the case), and is the best solution available to clean your stylus.

It comes in a neat dropper bottle so that a single drop can be administered to the stylus brush (this is all that is required per clean so will last you a long time).

The system comes with the best stylus brush I have found and is easily the most useful to have for this purpose. It consists of tightly packed micro-bristles fixed to a bendable, poseable stem, so you can get the exact angle you need to clean your stylus in situ. The bristles also have a "chisel tip" to further aid it's purpose, as the bristles are flat to the stylus when bent as in the picture of the cartridge. This is an important factor as it enables you to exactly clean the stylus without removing it from the tonearm and also the stylus is held in position, so with steady hand on the plinth, it is easier to use than a straight brush.

The system comes complete with instructions.

A clean stylus is essential to keep record and stylus wear down, and to give the best sound quality a hi-fi cartridge.

BAC Pure Stylus Cleaner