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This is a super quality, designed and hand-made (by The Better Audio Company), precision, aluminium , RCA to Tonearm Cable Adaptor, made from a solid billet of aluminium.

This was CNC machined, then hand finished to a very high Standard that will compliment a hi-fi set up with style.

This is believed to be a unique product, designed here, at The Better Audio Company for a very specific purpose.

There are many tonearm connection boxes, and they all have a similar configuration, i.e. the box will have phono sockets on them and then a connecting cable, terminated in a tonearm plug.

For those who would like to try out different RCA cables, then those termination boxes will work fine, but they have an extra length of cable that you might not want adding to your chosen cable, plus you will need to find an appropriate place to put the termination box when in use.

The Better Audio Company Adaptor is totally unique in that the only wire used is very short and there is no need to find a suitable place for the unit to reside whilst in use as it is fitted to the base of the tonearm.

Since it does not have a flexible cable (or need one !), the base of the adaptor can be rotated or "swivelled" to any angle (with reason obviously), and locked with 2 screws, one at the front and one at the rear.

It also incorporates and earthing post (made from Phosphor Bronze), so you can attach your own earthing wire of any length you choose. This is wired to the middle pin of the Din plug as is standard.

As many components as possible were made at The Better Audio Company, i.e. the main body (cnc machined here, then hand finished), the TDIP aluminium Tube (cnc machined here, then hand finished), the Earth Post (cnc machined here,  then hand tapped and knurled), and even the screws, whilst not made here, were cut to length and machined to fit each individual unit here, to ensure it works properly (even the slots in the screws were hand cut here).

The RCA Sockets are high quality, Gold plated with locking threads (should you have some locking RCA plugs) and the DIN plug is a genuine Cardas TDIP, again, with gold plated contacts.

Internal wiring from TDIP to RCA's are done with Cardas 24 a.w.g. cable, and the earth wire from TDIP to Earth Post is in high quality Bekin cable.

All soldering is performed using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder, to a very high standard, and indeed, no sleeving is used in this product, (as it is not electrically or mechanically required anyway), so you can see the quality of the soldering, that would have been hidden with sleeving in place.

This is a super quality product, finished by hand and with care to produce a unique and exceptional product that can be used for many years, and can be used to try as many RCA cables as you desire since, there are so many to choose from !!

It comes complete in it's own presentation / storage case (see gallery images for details).


The Better Audio Company

"Swivelling" RCA - Tonearm Cable (TAC) Adaptor
Image 1 of 12 :- BAC, Bespoke, RCA to Tonearm Convertor Image 2 of 12 :- Super Quality, hand finished with care ! Image 3 of 12 :- Professionally Wired with Cardas 24 awg Wire. Image 4 of 12 :- Another View showing the classy lines of the Adaptor. Image 5 of 12 :- Fitted here to a classic tonearm. Image 6 of 12 :- A close up showing how stunning it looks when fitted. Image 7 of 12 :-Large RCA plugs can be used. Image 8 of 12 :-Unique "Swivelling" feature. Image 9 of 12 :-Now "Swivelled" to the left !. Image 10 of 12 :-Comes in a sturdy presentation/storage box. Image 11 of 12 :-Front presentation label. Image 12 of 12 :-Elegently presented.