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Super High Fidelity Headshell leads (1 set of 4 leads)

Made by :-

The Better Audio Company

These are specifically designed for connecting a hi-fi cartridge to a headshell.

These are excellent quality leads made with Cardas 4x33awg tonearm wire and terminated by The Better Audio Company.

The components are :-

Cardas 33awg tonearm wire, High Quality, fully gold plated cartridge clips, and heatshrink sleeving, all soldered using Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder.

They have been put together with thought, care, attention to detail, and with a view to the practical nature of the leads.

I have observed that :-

Some leads are either too stiff, too short or both.

Well, having given this a lot of thought I have made these leads long enough for just about any cartridge, but not so long as to be obtrusive.

I noticed that some leads have very long clips that can foul the cartridge, given that the cartridge is in a straight line to the pins in the headshell (non-offset headshell). I solved this problem by accurately shortening those clips at both ends, as can be see in the images.

The Cardas wire is really excellent, and provides great sound. You will not be disappointed  

This will make the final contact to the hi-fi cartridge, so this is obviously a very important part to get right. It seems inconsistent to have an excellent tonearm, with possibly great interconnect cables fitted and a great cartridge, only to have the stock headshell wires compromise the sound; These leads remove that problem, and with style too.

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BAC Headshell Leads (Cardas Wire). Image 1 of 3. High Quality, Gold Plated cartridge Clips. Image 2 of 3. Fitted to a Headshell (headshell not included). Image 3 of 3.
BAC Headshell Leads (Cardas Wire)