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Image 1 of 7 :- High quality and affordable, using Belkin interconnect cable Image 2 of 7 :- "Easy Grip", aluminium plug Image 3 of 7 :- Cardas TDIP for solid, reliable connection Image 4 of 7 :- Rear of plug Image 5 of 7 :- Solid, fully molded phono/RCA plugs Image 6 of 7 :- Wide area, thick earth spade Image 7 of 7 :- High performance, Belkin audio interconnect cable
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Better Audio Company

Presents :-

The Better Audio Company,Tonearm Interconnect Cable with Belkin Hi-Fi Stereo (screened) Interconnect Cable, Cardas TDIP DIN female tonearm connector + BAC manufactured, bespoke, Aluminium "Easy Grip" Tonearm Plug / connector.

1.2M long

This has been designed with the enthusiast in mind, and is made using Belkin, screened Stereo audio interconnect cable, terminated at one end with a genuine Cardas TDIP female tonearm connector fitted to our own bespoke manufactured Aluminium "Easy-Grip" tonearm plug  and at the other end 2 x heavy duty, Belkin, molded phono / RCA plugs with fully gold plated contacts. These plugs are solid and have a firm grip on the phono socket, giving a positive feel to them when inserting into the phono socket.

The actual body of the tonearm connector is a bespoke item made by The Better Audio Company, and precision machined from solid Aluminium to a very high standard, then hand finished. This design uses an "Easy-Grip" ridge making it very easy to pull out of the tonearm socket.

This cable is robust and fairly flexible, but would discourage the use on sprung sub-chassis decks as it might interfere with the free movement of the suspension on those types of decks.

All soldering is performed with Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder to a very high, professional standard. It has been wired with the screen connected to the phono plugs , in a "pseudo balanced" configuration, with separate earth wire to the standard middle pin of the DIN tonearm connector. The earth wire (colour may vary), is terminated with a high quality, large area, spade connector. This allows great flexibility in your earthing arrangements and the fact that the screen is connected at one end only, lowers the noise floor, for "blacker blacks" in the quieter passages of any music.

This cable offers a significant improvement on the standard cables that come with most tonearms.

Belkin Tonearm Cable With Aluminium Tonearm Plug