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Discovery Wire Internal rewire kit for 9" tonearms

This kit enables you to internally re-wire most 9" tonearms to a very high standard

These are excellent quality, using Discovery and Cardas components.

Comprising :-

4 x PCCEG Cardas gold plated cartridge tags, 400mm of Discovery 4x33awg twisted-pair tonearm wire,  1x length of Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder (more than enough for this purpose) and 4 x black heatshrink sleeves and 4x coloured sleeves (red,green,white and blue).

I have given 400mm of the cable as I believe this is necessary to give you breathing room in case of mistakes, and generally to make the task easier to complete.

I have included both coloured and black sleeving so you can choose which you would like to use ( I prefer the black, but some prefer the coloured sleeves )

This will compliment your tonearm perfectly and will offer a great improvement in sound quality over the stock cable, which will enable your tonearm to show you what it can really do ! !.

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9" Tonearm Rewire Kit
(Discovery Wire)
9 inch Rewire Kit With Discovery Tonearm Wire. Image 1 of 3. 9 inch Rewire Kit With Discovery Tonearm Wire. Image 2 of 3. Cardas PCCEG Gold Plated Cartridge Clips. Image 3 of 3.